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Brand Equity and Why It Matters
No one questions the price of Tesla or Apple. That’s the value of brand equity, but do you know how to measure and scale your share to drive significant financial impact? The challenge for CMOs is not to wrestle with and compound these complexities but to simplify and reduce them to deliver accurate and timely answers.

Join Jim Stengel, ex-CMO Procter & Gamble, Garrett McGuire, Director of Marketing at Merrell, Michelle McAlister, Sr. Director of Marketing at PepsiCo., Joe Pagano, VP Marketing Solutions Consulting at Neustar, and Janu Lakshmanan, Principal Account Director at BERA, for an engaging conversation on brand equity and why it matters.

Learn how CMOs (and savvy marketers):
• Are overcoming the biggest challenges in building, measuring, and maintaining brand equity.
• Utilizing the value of brand positioning and a brand's strategy to grow and influence, volume, brand equity to drive financial outcomes.
• Leveraging billion-dollar consumer data streams to drive financial impact and increase brand positioning.


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